Photo by Chris Knight
Photo by Chris Knight

What drives my photography is the purely human story unfolding in city streets, small towns, country roads, a mountain village, or a quaint fishing enclave by the ocean anywhere on Earth…

Particularly inspiring is being able to capture people going about their daily lives; how their work, their playfulness, seriousness, or merely being there at a given instant, adds depth and meaning to the texture and color of cobblestone streets, or the walls of a building washed by time, the reflection on a window pane, or the outline cast by a historic building. They generate a special beauty, an expression, a feeling that, in the right light, creates universal appeal.

My photography seeks to convey a story, to elicit a certain curiosity that invites the viewer to reflect, explore, gain a new perspective of the world around us, and perhaps appreciate the very same emotion that moved me to share that fleeting moment in time.

Welcome to Paul Lavergne Photographer.
San Juan, Puerto Rico


“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it”.

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